“We’ll make it last longer”

A combination of base materials for mechanical properties AND a surface coating OR cladding for performance, are designed to provide the optimum solutions to your surface corrosion, wear and abrasion. With our extensive range of welding products and technical expertise in industrial roller equipment maintenance, we continue to be the leaders in the fields of roller reconditioning.

Our specific wire products and automated continuous welding systems afford us the opportunity to eliminate defects and repair worn surfaces with consistent – layered welding solutions.


Heat treatment and Stress relieving

With our current equipment VaalMac are able to manage thermal stresses as well as hardness outcomes.  Heat treatment procedures together with welding consumable options allow us to further control surface hardness for improved wear performance OR greater resistance to thermal cracking OR a combination.


VaalMac is currently one of only two agents for Weldclad welding products, technology and consumables in Africa (www.corewire.com) and have been involved in a successful partnership since 1994.


Weldclad welding products together with Corewire hard-facing products have developed tremendously over the last decade and currently these products offer flexible solutions for various applications in processing plants all over the world.  The Forgeweld welding consumables, equipment and technical support offer our clients the opportunity to reduce their forge and die block maintenance costs while at the same time increase the service life / performance of their equipment.


We have also been appointed as the preferred supplier for Coretech Rolls (high performance clad rollers) since 2011.



–  Earth moving equipment                                                     –  Conveyor screw repairs

–  Mining and related equipment repair                                –  Wear plates and liners repair

–  Excavation equipment and buckets / teeth repair          –  Scrapers and Augers repair

–  Crusher plant and equipment repair                                 –  Desludgers repair

–  Hot Forging and Hammer equipment repair                    –  Blades and Chute repairs

–  Cement plant and equipment repair                                  –  Rail and Guide repairs

–  Die block repairs